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Thank you for visiting our online boutique, Cherlaan.

Cherlaan was founded by myself over 10 years ago, although I have been working in the wedding industry for more than 19 years. My focus has somewhat diversified since the outbreak of Covid-19 and I have found that there is a niche in the market to offer fun and affordable fashion face masks. Our collection is constantly growing but we currently have a whole host of fun masks - Harry Potter, James Bond, Horror Masks, Wolves, Cats, Dogs, Skulls, Goth Skulls, Galaxy, Black Hole and so much more.

Mid June saw the introduction of some absolutely stunning bling face masks which are ideal for parties, special occasions and the bridal market too. There is so much bling you will be blinded by it! I also have a fantastic range of double sided sequin masks, animal prints, lace and diamante. Also recently introduced a good range of kids face masks that are suitable for boys and girls with the option of adding a filter for extra protection.

NEW FOR 2021 - I am happy to introduce to you a superior collection of handmade advanced faux mink eye lashes. As this market is huge and there is a great deal of competition out there I wanted to find a product that would stand out from the competition and offer something a bit different. After extensive research I found a manufacturer who has developed a new range of false eye lashes in 2021 so they are completely new to the market!! Using advanced technologies they have been able to recreate a new advanced faux mink lash which is extremely lightweight, easy to apply and is hard to differentiate from a real mink lash. The difference being is that it is a fraction of the price and is 100% Vegan Friendly As the range grows, so will the eyecatching boxes that the lashes are housed in. Each unique style has a uinque coloured box ensuring your style is easily identifiable by colour & name.

To compliment the range of Faux Mink Lashes, I am currently in the midst of finalising the following products which I will be uploading soon:

Magnetic Lashes with 10 Magnets
Magnetic EyeLiner - manufactured in the UK and compliant with all new UK legislation
2 in 1 Game Changer - Black Adhesive Eyeliner Pen
2 in 1 Game Changer - Clear Adhesive Eyeliner Pen
Quick Drying Brush On Lash Glue
Lash Creation Range - DIY Lashes - perfect when a trip to the salon isn't feasible. Create your own style of lashes, layer up or layer down, the choice is yours
Lash Creation Glue Bond - 5-7 Day Wear - to work in conjunction with the DIY Lashes

Along with the introduction of these faux mink lashes I have still kept a small collection of the following decorative items.

Artificial Birds & Butterflies
We have a huge range of artificial birds and butterflies made from feathers, gem stones, organza, glitter etc. These are perfect for decorating table centres, venues, window displays, cages etc.

A range of cute animal decorations along with vintage/rustic style Christmas decorations

Feather Garments
Within this section we have a beautiful collection of feather garments, perfect to add a touch of glamour and warmth during the wintry months, ideal for any special occasion.