Fake Authentic Butterfly Clips and Moths - Brown/Black/White - Set of 6

Product Description

A set of 6 life like butterflies presented on clips.  Each set comprises of 6 different designs as shown in the image

These will work well for spring or woodland themes due to their authenticity

The set contains 6 butterflies with a decorative clip. The small butterflies are about 4.5 centimeters by 4.9 centimeters. The middle butterflies have a size of approximately 7 centimeters to 5.8 centimeters. The large butterfly is about 10.9 centimeters wide and about 7.4 centimeters high.

Dimensions of small butterfly (width × height) : approx.4.5cm × 4.9cm
Dimensions of the medium butterfly (width × height) : approx.7.5cm × 5.8cm
Dimensions of large butterfly (width × height) : approx.13cm x 10.4cm