In Loving Memory Of - Bereavement Gift/Keepsake - Guardian Angel Wings Large Dish / Bowl


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Product Description

Due to the popularity of our small angel wings dish gift, we are now introducing a larger version.
A beautiful and unique gift for a friend or family who may be suffering from the loss of a loved one or may simply need guidance through some difficult times ahead.

A beautiful ivory resin angel wings dish presented in a box which measures 14cm x 14cm. The box has tissue paper inside with marabou feathers on top and the angel wings dish is laid on top. The wings has a bow at the top with a tag which states: In Loving Memory Of.....(which will be personalised with your choice of wording) and a coloured gem/crystal (in the birthstone colour). The wings measure approx 10cm across at the widest point, 11cm in length at the longest point and 6cm depth which tapers down to to the end of the wings

On top of the wings is a card with the following poem:
A Guardian Angel left these wings behind
To place gracefully on display with love in mind

Your Angel watches over you night & day
Giving you hope and guidance along the way

Your Angel, Your Friend
 Until the Very End

The box will then be tied with ivory satin & gold edged ribbon and finished in a bow.
The wings can then be placed on display and can be used to hold trinkets of great sentiment which will always serve as a beautiful reminder of your loved one.

Perfect for a unique and thoughtful gift