Mother's Day Gift / Present - Unique Personalised Angel Wings Votive - Boxed


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Product Description

A beautiful and unique personalised gift for Mother's Day, just to let her know you care and are grateful for all that she has done for you

A beautiful ivory resin angel wings votive presented in a box which measures 14cm x 14cm. The box has tissue paper inside with marabou feathers on top and the angel wings votive is laid on top. The wings votive measure approx 8cm across at the widest point, 13cm in length at the longest point and 7cm depth which tapers down to to the end of the wings. Complete with glass votive/candle.

On top of the wings is a card with the following poem which will be personalised with yours and your friend's names.

To my special mum (can be personalised)

You are a special Mum who is thoughtful and kind
You’ve helped me through some difficult times

You’ve shared my sadness, joy and love
You are my angel sent from up above

I will always be grateful for everything you do
And this is my special gift I give to you

I give you a candle, a gift of warmth & light
Helping you through the cold & darkness of night

These wings will shield the flame guiding you along the way
Turning darkness into light, night time into day

Thank you for being my burning flame
I will always love you and forever remain…..

Your ........

The box will then be tied with ivory satin ribbon and finished in a bow.

 The wings can then be placed on display as a beautiful reminder of how truly special Mum is.