NEW Adult Face Mask BLING DIAMANTE SPARKLE 100% Black Cotton Triple Layer+Filter


Product Description

Just In - Wow we have been blown away by the sheer beauty of this one!  You will not see another mask like this anywhere, other than if it is purchased from Cherlaan - we have had these made exclusively for us.   This is the bling of all blings!  

A black 100% triple layer cotton face mask which has a silver teardrop fringe bling design handsewn to the front. The rhinestone design hangs beautifully and catches the light as you move around, the longest section of the diamante measures 16cm.  The detailing on this is unreal.   The mask has a white cotton underside with a pocket opening to insert a filter, which will be included with the mask.    

Considering the amount of bling on this mask it is extremely comfortable to wear.
There are black adjustable straps that fit around the ears and a nose bridge which you mould to the shape of your own nose giving a perfect fit with an inbuilt chin section.

The mask measures: 19cm in length x 13cm width

This mask is also available in white as featured in the last image - this one features on another listing.

How to Wear Your Face Mask

Ensure you always wash your masks before use and refrain from touching your face.

When putting on your face mask, hold it over your nose and mouth with clean hands, before pulling the elastic straps over your ears. Adjust it as needed to ensure it completely covers your nose, mouth and chin. Pinch the shape forming nose bridge for a sleek, smooth fit.

When removing your mask, pull the straps off your ears and lift the mask away from your face, refraining from touching the front of your mask, as it may be contaminated.

This is a fashion mask and is not of medical grade

Go on, spoil yourself!