Set of 3 Safari Style Artificial Birds - Leopard Print Design


Product Description

A stunning set of 3 designer safari style artificial birds with leopard print design presented on clips.   Each set comprises of 3 different birds - 1 x humming bird and 2 x fancy birds (different designs)

The body is a fabric/felt like material and the feathers are a combination of goose and biot feathers. There is also a paint/glitter effect finish.

1 x humming bird measures: 12cm wingspan, total length 23cm (tip of beak to end of tail feathers). Feathers are a combination of mottled feather, biot and goose feathers in ivory and shades of bronze & brown feathers

1 x fancy bird measures: total length 19cm, width 3.5cm, height 4cm. Feathers are a combination of black, brown and ivory goose curl feathers with biots and sequins at beginning of wing feathers

 1 x fancy bird measures:  total length 20cm, width 4cm, height 5cm.  Feathers are a combination of dark brown & black curled goose feathers with glitter, black biots with sequins at the beginning of wing feathers